We are celebrating as our very first audio-guide tour is live!

This tour takes you along the route of the No 24 bus, starting out in Hampstead in North London and ending in Pimlico, on the northern bank of the river Thames.

We are so excited to bring you this tour and really hope you’ll enjoy it!

The journey in total, depending on the traffic, is just over an hour.

You’ll learn about Hampstead, Camden Town, Trafalgar Square and Westminster, but also places you might not be familiar with if you’re not a Londoner, such as Queen’s Road market, Somers Town, Christchurch Garden and Pimlico.

We pick our routes to ensure to ensure they go through a mix of well know and lesser known areas and our first route is a prime example.

It’s a journey through history, geography, food, sports and entertainment, as well as politics of course – it goes straight past the Houses of Parliament.

While we’ll let you know about good stops to get off and explore, the very best way to enjoy the tour is to do it all in one go and then travel back to the areas you’d like to explore further. That way you can make sure to avoid long waits between buses and missing out on the best seats.

A few things to remember:
Get your ticket either before you travel, or tap in with a credit card or Oyster card on the bus. The Window Seat Guide only provides the entertainment! =)
Download the tour while on Wi-Fi
Make sure to have your GPS enabled so that the geo-location works
Sit back, relax, look out of the window and enjoy the journey!!