The Window Seat Guide

The app for audio-guide tours on local bus routes

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Have you ever wondered what is passing you by outside the window, whether you are on a bus in a foreign city or on your regular commute? Every part of a city, every street and every building has a story to tell. The Window Seat Guide is on a mission to uncover these stories and bring them to you via our GPS guided audio tours app.
Hop on board, find yourself a window seat and have a listen!

A Window Seat Guide tour takes you along a regular, public transport bus route. It transforms an ordinary journey into a much more exciting experience. Your phone becomes your private tour guide and you will find out about the places you pass along the way. Some will be major tourist attractions – we do like those too and they are popular for a reason – but most will be lesser know places and sights, off the beaten tourist track. This is where you find the real magic of any city!


Our first audio-guide tour

We are celebrating as our very first audio-guide tour is live! This tour takes you along the route of the No 24 bus, starting out in Hampstead in North London and ending in Pimlico, on the northern bank of the river Thames. We are so excited to bring you this tour and...

Introducing The Window Seat Guide

It all comes down to what kind or experience you’re after. Every city and town has its famous landmarks with exciting stories to tell. But the real soul of a place is an amalgamation of the big sights along with the everyday places where locals live, work and spend...

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