It all comes down to what kind or experience you’re after. Every city and town has its famous landmarks with exciting stories to tell. But the real soul of a place is an amalgamation of the big sights along with the everyday places where locals live, work and spend their free time.

Exploring a place is of course not just for long distance tourists either. Even a place where you live or work is likely to still have stories that you’ve not yet found out about. Who hasn’t found themselves on their local commute wondering about the places that you go past?

Finding the stories along local bus routes is something that has tantalised the team behind The Window Seat Guide for a long time – to satisfy personal curiosity to start with. Surely we can’t be the only people fascinated by this though? The idea of capturing these stories and sharing them through an audio-guide was born.

We’re starting small, through our chosen location is anything but. We’ll be expanding with several routes in London within the next few months. If the feedback is good we’ll move on to other locations too, within the UK, Europe or World Wide.

Researching a route is, if you are that way inclined, an exceptionally rewarding job – there is so much exciting stuff to find out. Editing it down to fit the available time can be a challenge, but it’s always about ensuring that the audio contains the very best bits. However, there’s no way we’ve managed to cover absolutely everything, so if you know something that you think we should add to the tour then please get in touch.

We’d love to hear about your experiences en route, and what you get up to when you hop off the bus. Share your thoughts and tag your pictures with @thewindowseatguide on Instagram and on our Facebook page.

Have a great trip!